Generation360™ Academy

We believe that education is of utmost importance and we are here to share our knowledge and expertise to build upon your creative abilities and aspirations!

Our focus for Generation 360 Academy – a cloud based, multi-device, secure content delivery platform that supports a list of interactive online courses. The platform provides trainers, learners and others involved in the education industry with information, tools, and resources to support and enhance education delivery and management.

The platform is a next-gen learning system with live classes, streamed classes, webinars, and pre-loaded content. Certifications will be provided to all aspirants based on their performances throughout the courses they pursue.

We are based out of Chennai and we offer a cluster of media courses and self-development courses.

Media Courses


Direction-Film & TV

Directors breathe life into the stories they work on. It is a director’s responsibility to ensure that the viewer sees the story from a set point of view. In this course you will be exposed to multiple techniques and equipment required for the direction and creation of brilliant films, movies, and other videos. If film direction is your dream, join us to see it come true!


Video Editing

This course is specifically designed to help you edit videos professionally. You could be an aspiring video editor, blogger, or a business owner; this program will help you understand and acquire video editing skills from scratch. Explore the various aspects film and video editing at our academy.


Sound Engineering

Learn the art of sound design, mixing and editing using software and hardware that is at par with the industry standards. Produce brilliant audio for your projects as we help you choose the right SFX, Foley, BGM etc. for the final cut of your project!


Music Production

Music production includes creating, recording, mixing and editing of soundtracks using certain hardware and software that are built and developed to aid the process. You would be exposed to tools and techniques to create your music on your own computer for we offer one of the best music production courses that is very industry relevant.



A cinematographer is essentially the eyes of a movie or a film or any video content! Learn the art of creating extraordinary visuals though exercises, workshops, masterclasses and production, supported by critical and analytical studies of cinematography!



Photography became mainstream in the last couple of years. Capturing moments in all their glory is an art that requires exposure to fundamentals and consistent practice. At Generation 360, we offer one of the best diplomas in photography that covers camera basics, understanding landscapes, various settings, and compositional concepts. Join our photography course and capture moments that you would love to cherish!


event management

How much crowd is too much crowd? However small or big the crowd is, learn how to understand and mange it optimally at Generation 360’s event management course. You will learn project management, streamlining of operations, vendor management, risk mitigation/management and a lot more.



Animation is a lot of fun and a tool to drive even some of the most complicated ideas in simple ways. Learn the art of modeling, rigging, texturing animated characters and create animations like never before at our animation course. You will also understand animation pipeline and animation project management to produce and deliver 2D and 3D animations of fine quality.

Self-Development Courses


Soft skills

This is a course on soft skills training that is tailored to help you enhance your people skills and your social, emotional and communication skills to not only handle but also flourish in your personal and professional lives. The course offers a variety of workshops and training that hones your personality development.


Physical & mental Health

This course of physical and mental health is customized to drive insights on recommended food, lifestyle, guidelines for mental well-being, yoga, meditation, and overall benefits of sustaining great physical and mental health


Stress & time management

Learn to manage stress and time using various techniques that are focused on long term benefits and sustenance.


Microsoft Office Training

This course on MS Office will enable you to learn and master the globally used Microsoft – Word, Excel and PowerPoint tools for your personal and/or professional needs.


Urban Gardening

You will learn to use your limited space to grow your own food involving various gardening techniques while also discovering the supplies you will need for developing and maintaining a sustainable urban garden. This online gardening course helps you produce your own fruits and vegetables at your very own roof garden


Parenting Skills

Parenting is by far one of the toughest yet unpaid jobs there is, isn’t it? This course will enable you to learn various aspects of parenting that will in turn help you understand you children better! Parenting courses enable new parents to be better prepared for parenthood.


Change Management

Learn to adapt, manage, navigate, and implement changes within your business, amidst people and within your organization. This course on change management helps you learn to adapt to changes and to tailor the changes to work for you!


Brand Collaboration

Pursue this course to understand brand collaboration as a concept that steers growth and visibility. You will learn to identify and collaborate with brands that align with your/your brand ideologies and strategies thereby paving way and building potential for strong partnerships.

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